Porcelain Leggings + How to Style Them

 When it comes to my day today looks I enjoy wearing something a little bit more comfortable.  When having to pick up a baby and running around to do errands  my outfits seem to turn into more of athleisure  rather than dresses and jeans. I am always on the hunt for a new pair of leggings that go fashionably with other pieces in my closet and I think these leggings might have been my favorite find recently.  Printed leggings don't always work well for me personally I will typically find a black legging because it's slims your bottom half. But I just loved the porcelain print on this pair

Since I find that I wear leggings more today than I use to, I wanted to share a few tips for styling them when you're not heading to the gym. I like to wear my leggings according to the season so as it has been becoming more and more cold I think they make the great layering piece. Here are a few of my favorite tips!

1. Find your right fit - I normally opt for high waist leggings but you can also find mid rise leggings that hit right below your belly button. Since I wear my leggings to the gym, while I am out running errands, and while I am home cleaning I like to have something that I can move in and high waist leggings provide coverage and comfort for me.

2. Use Layering - As the weather has become more and more cool as the days go on I have been opting for warmer options such as this moto jacket. Since sometimes you are heading out to the gym it is nice to have layers that you can add and remove throughout the day. Throw on your favorite moto jacket or sweater over your leggings for a cozy feel.

3. There's no need to spend a ton of money! - There are so many brands that are now making affordable activewear. One of my favorite places to shop for activewear is Aerie. Their leggings are SO stylish and SO affordable! Currently all of their leggings are $25 or less!

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