Does anyone else have a picky pup? Every day we would put Brady's food in his bowl and he would walk away seconds later only to take out a few mouthfuls and drop them to the ground. My little guy loves food but he has always been a grazer. He would go back hours later to eat. I chalked it up to the fact that he wanted to be by our side at all times but when we decided to give Freshpet a go, that wasn't the case!
When he was younger we would boil up some chicken and put it in his bowl with the rest of his food just to bribe him to eat. When that got to be too much to do we decided just to let him have his food like a normal dog. We love him so much that we didn't mind babying him but we decided we didn't want to do it forever! Feeding Brady as we would feed ourselves has always been important to me which made Freshpet appealing to me. Freshpet is real pet food fresh from the fridge with no additives or preservatives. I have always seen it at my local grocery store right in the pet food aisle and always was intrigued. When we gave it a try I couldn't have been happier. It is never made with any pre-processed meat powders, "chicken meals", or by-products. I would never want that in any of mine, Mark's, or Cameron's foods so why would I want it in Brady's? Real US meat is the #1 ingredient and real veggies you can see! It truly is amazing, it has pieces of cranberries and carrots right in the bag!
As I mentioned earlier, we use to cook up some chicken to shred and put into his food and Freshpet is  the next best thing to a home cooked meal without all of the fuss. One thing that is SO important for anything that I purchase for Brady is that is is made in the USA. I don't purchase any toys or food for Brady unless it is made right here in the USA and Freshpet meets that standard for me.
Did I mention how much we love Freshpet because of Brady's picky habits? Brady enjoyed his Freshpet so much that we have officially decided to make the switch! Pets enjoy Freshpet beause only real, fresh ingredients that are slowly steam cooked to maintain nutrition and taste. And I know it must taste good to him because sometimes I find him going back to look for more! He can definitely taste and smell the difference which is why it is so perfect for him! He also finishes his meal all at once which is great because I don't have to worry about him getting enough nutrients throughout the day. I do have to say that Brady is a distracted eater. He loves to be by our side so with his old food he would not eat it unless we were standing where his bowl was with him. But with his Freshpet he eats his entire meal with or without us!
If you are interested in Freshpet, head on over to my Instagram for an opportunity to win your own Freshpet for your pet to try!

Thank you to Freshpet for sponsoring this post!

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