Five Months

Happy Monday all! Today's post is short and sweet. I just wanted to check in and tell you all that Cameron is FIVE months! I cannot believe that FIVE months have already gone by with our sweet boy. It seems as soon as Cameron turned five months he became instantly smarter. Things just seemed to click in his head. He pays attention to our dog Brady more than he ever did, smiles at everyone he sees, and reacts to things in ways he has never before. It is so fun to watch him all day long seeing and trying new things. You may have seen it on my Instagram stories but he recently began jumping like crazy in his door jumper! He could jump for an entire hour and just be happy as a calm. He goes to daycare now which was hard for me at first however I think it has helped him to become more interactive and build his personality. He already has a wonderful happy personality but it seems as though recently he has become more talkative and loves people!

Hope you all had a wonderful long weekend!

XO, Michelle

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