Faux Suede Moto Jacket

I am a chronic re-wearer. Sometimes it is a good thing and sometimes it is a bad thing. It is a good thing when I can create multiple different outfits out of one item but it is a bad thing when one of those go to pieces is currently in the laundry! All of these pieces have been seen in multiple ways and I am hoping to continue to wear all of them all season long. The newest addition to my wardrobe are these Hush Puppies Chardon Loafer
I have been loving loafers and mules for fall and the funny thing is I can't help but think back to high school every time I receive a new pair. In high school clogs and mules were the only shoes I would wear. In fact, I would get detentions because I refused to wear socks with my shoes (fashionista in the making). Now as an adult it seems to be the same way all over again. Over the past few months I accumulated quite the collection and yes, I still refuse to wear socks.
Another piece in my wardrobe that has been re-worn a few times in the few short weeks that I have had it is this faux suede jacket. I have worn it in this post and in this post on Instagram. The reason I love it is because it is a great neutral color. I feel as though you can almost wear it with anything. As I have mentioned before if there is one thing that I think you should get for the fall it is some sort of moto jacket. They are great for those days you just need to cover up but don't want to wear a cardigan. I have my eye on the grey one I have linked below!
Since I mentioned high school above, I thought I would mention that I wore a uniform in high school. Now-a-days I think of specific items in my closet as part of my "uniform". One item that I almost always have on are a pair of destroyed skinny jeans. I am a stickler for denim and I think it is actually the only thing I feel okay with spending more on than I usually do. I love great quality denim and always have! This pair is my favorite.

Shop everything in this post below + a few extra faux suede jackets I am loving!

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