At Home with Addison William

It seems as though my day to day clothing has changed quite a bit since Cameron was born. Although still stylish, I look for comfort over anything else and it seems as though my legging collection has grown quite a bit! I love finding new great pairs that are stylish but can go with just about anything and this pair from Addison William just has to be my new favorite pair!
On week days I am usually running around in my business casual clothing but the second I get home I am in leggings and a comfortable sweater or sweat shirt! My husband laughs at me because the second I walk in the door I am in my pjs no matter what time of the day it is! A girl just likes to be comfortable and sometimes I have 14 hour days between work, Cameron, and blogging!
My favorite way to wear leggings is with an oversized top or sweater. Addison William Designs has some really great prints for their leggings! I obviously love this pair because my personal style is quite feminine but there are so many other fun designs! The new releases include a ton of fun Halloween LeggingsThis pair would be so fun with a witch costume! I also love this cute ghost pair of leggings!

Thank you Addison William Designs and Apparel for sponsoring this post. All thoughts are my own.

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