Stripe Tunic

Over the past few months since Cameron has been born I have been feeling as though I have a whole new wardrobe. In reality it is just the clothing I wore pre-pregnancy! Although I have been rediscovering all sorts of things in my closet, I have treated myself to a few new things. As my belly grew I found that less and less I wanted to spend money on clothing that I knew I wouldn't be wearing much longer. I ended up resorting to leggings which this top from Lilac Clothing ended up being the perfect length and style. It was also great for layering with my favorite Black Cardigan.

Now that I am back to my normal size, I have been also repurposing my maternity wear. Many of the maternity items I have are such good quality I thought it would be a shame to pack them away and not be able to wear them until the next baby came along. This tunic is super long so I thought I would knot the front and make it a bit shorter. I wore my new favorite high waisted jeans and espadrilles to create a casual look. 
Maybe it is because I am a mom now but I find that high-waisted jeans are much ore comfortable then any other jean. I have been stocking up in all sorts of styles. As I have mentioned before, I LOVE denim and I am a sucker for great quality denim. I have always loved jeans from Express but the pairs I use to have had a two inch zipper and showed off my butt crack, hello highschool... I love this chic and stylish high-waisted pair. They are comfortable and a great wash.

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