Polka Dot Dress Part II

On the 4th of July I posted this amazing polka dot dress because what is cuter for the 4th of July than navy and polka dots! I love the combo of red and navy. It is such a classic, pin-up sort of look and is cute and festive. All over Instagram this week I have seen so many great festive looks which makes me think that this time of year might just be my favorite. The weather is amazing, everyone is out celebrating their independence, and you get to see the spectacular sight of fireworks!
Throughout the past few weeks, I have been sharing some great maternity styles that I have worn both while I was pregnant and after as well. This dress just happens to be one of my favorite styles that I have worn. You can see it with my pregnant belly here. When I head to work I normally like to wear dresses. There is something that is just so easy about throwing a dress on. To me, a dress doesn't require much thought and you can look perfectly put together in minutes.

As I have mentioned in all of my posts with Lilac Clothing their stretchy fabrics really stretch and fit to any shape of your body. I felt comfortable as a pregnant woman as well as now that I am no longer pregnant in the items I have from Lilac Clothing. Although each of the outfits look extremely different on me now then they did a few months ago I loved them at both stages in my life. It is so nice to have clothing that works with a woman's body!

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