Nursing Bras with Bravado Designs

Nursing Cameron has been both the most beautiful and most challenging part of motherhood. As most mothers would agree nursing is extremely challenging, exhausting, and not pretty. Many nursing undergarments and tops end up looking frumpy and motherly. As a youngish mother I am always looking for better fitting items to wear so that I can feel comfortable both day and night. Most of the time I search for beautiful soft fabrics, I can't stand wearing an uncomfortable fabric and Bravado Designs has successfully created beautiful soft fabrics that I can't get enough of!
I am still currently nursing Cameron so having a nursing bra that I can wear both day and night is extremely important for me. At night I like to feel comfortable while having the extra support and during the day it is nice to also have an easily accessible comfortable bra. Right now we spend a ton of time hanging out at the house while we are working on getting Cameron on a great sleeping schedule. These Bravado Designs nursing bras are two bras that I currently live in!
Not only are they soft and comfortable but they look great under t-shirts and blouses. I love wearing my Ballet Nursing Bra peaking out of an off the shoulder top. If you are looking for nursing tanks their beautiful buttery styles come as tanks as well! The bras fit perfectly as well as the tops and provide coverage and support just where you need it! I wish I had found these amazing styles sooner!

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