Blue + White Embroidered Top

One of my all time favorite color combinations has always been blue and white. It is funny because whenever I wear this color combination, I think about the days when I was in high school and I worked at Abercrombie & Fitch. I would want to purchase the tiniest white denim shorts and would only wear navy or lighter blues with them. I loved that job and I like to think that is where my love for fashion started!

Earlier today, I was doing a little bit of shopping for a vacation at the end of August to the beach. One thing I noticed was that I was picking very similar styles to this top. I love the flowing style that can easily transition into a top for a chillier night. The material is lightweight and perfect for the beach. It also looks great with both jeans and shorts! Such a versatile little top!
In just a few weeks we will be heading to Ogunquit, ME. After our wedding last summer this was where we went for a break after our wedding. It was the perfect little getaway and we have decided to make it a tradition to head there every summer. Once Cameron is old enough we will bring him to Maine with us! I am so excited for this because Maine is our favorite place to visit and we can't wait to start creating memories with him!

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