The Austin Earring

To be quite honest, I started to write this post last week while we were experiencing typical June weather. It has been so rainy the past few days that it has been so tough to accomplish almost anything! But again today we are here with gorgeous weather and luckily its here to last! A few weeks ago I received an amazing package from Charming Charlie full of goodies. One of my favorite things in the package was these Austin Earrings. I have seen them on so many people and had been dying to get my hands on a pair. 
The colors in this top and earrings are both some of my favorite colors to wear. It's funny because sometimes I stare at my closet wondering what to wear and everything is blue or pink! I am also loving that one shoulder tops are back in style. All throughout college I LOVED the one shoulder top. I pretty much wouldn't purchase a shirt unless it was bearing my shoulder. I have seen so making whenever I am out shopping lately and can't help but want to buy all of them! I also love the embroidery details on many tops and dresses that I have seen lately. I just received some super cute styles I can't wait to share! 

Shop this look and some of my favorite tops below!

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