What Was in My Hospital Bag

This post has been in the works for quite some time and I am so excited to finally bring it to you! I begun this post a few weeks before Cameron arrived by researching the most recommended items to bring with you to the hospital. I wanted to put together my full list and couldn't wait to share my thoughts on what I brought! Not everything I brought is pictured here but I will touch upon each thing! I have also made a little list for you at the end to screenshot, print, pin, whatever is helpful for you!
The items I brought that made me the happiest had to have been my own clothes. Since I knew I would be in the hospital for a few days I didn't want to be stuck in a hospital gown. I didn't photograph it here but I brought this Honeydew Intimates Sleep Tee and pretty much lived in it. That along with this Honeydew Intimates Jersey Robe were my best friends. I was able to be comfortable while walking around and having visitors. These slippers made me feel cozy and warm and again I felt comfortable walking around the hospital room while wearing them. I ended up going home in these sweatpants and lived in them the first few days we were home! I sized up just for extra comfort!
One thing I knew I wanted to do was wear a postpartum belly wrap. After reading tons of reviews, I decided on the Belly Bandit BFF Postpartum Belly Wrap and Hip Bandit. I read about all of the benefits of wearing a postpartum belly wrap such as helping to shrink your uterus back down to size quicker, helping your posture while breast feeding, and most importantly helping your belly shrink back to normal size after giving birth. I also purchased the Hip Bandit because the Belly Bandit BFF Postpartum Belly Wrap does not go to your hips. The two wraps work along with your hormones and gentle compression to help shrink your body back to it's normal size. I wore these the morning after giving birth to Cameron and wore them for a few weeks after. I was seriously amazed with the results  and the amount of weight I quickly lost! Just about a week and a half after giving birth to Cameron I was back in my regular jeans which made me so happy! A woman's body is truly amazing!

A few items that made it so much easier to be in the hospital were these Cake Nursing Bras. I also brought these Ingrid & Isabel Nursing Pajamas. You have nurses, lactation consultants, and doctors check on you and helping you learn how to nurse your baby. These tops and bras made it so much easier to do so and also made me feel much more comfortable. 
I brought all of my toiletries although the hospital truly has everything you will need. The items I really appreciated the most were face wash, dry shampoo, and lotion. I also really appreciated this First Aid Beauty Hello FAB Vital Greens Face Mist. It kept my skin feeling hydrated in the dry hospital! The items that I truly did not need were my razor and blow dryer. Looking back on it I thought it was so silly I packed those items! Luckily we were only in the hospital a total of three days so I didn't use everything!

If you want to win extra wife points, bring your husband snacks! The hospital we were at unfortunately did not feed him. He was so happy I brought him extra snacks!

Below, I have included a list of everything I brought for me, my husband, and the baby plus a few extras. One thing that I am so thankful I brought was thank you gifts for the nurses. Our nurses were truly amazing and I have recommended that all of my friends have their baby at the hospital we did! We couldn't thank them enough for all of their knowledge, support, and coaching they provided to us!

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