Two Months

Two months ago the most wonderful little guy was brought into our life. It is crazy how much time flies and how quickly children grow and change. Just one month ago I was writing a post on Cameron's first month (read it here). Cameron's first month was full of new sensations for him. I noticed him starting to smile and really see our faces. Now he has turned into mister independent. Although he can't sit on his own yet, he wants to be propped up on your lap or on a pillow and lifts his head like a champ when he is doing tummy time. He reaches for his toys and even our pup, Brady. 

When Cameron was nearing his two month mark, we decided to place him in his crib slowly to see how he did sleeping at night and have not turned back. Although he still wakes up once or twice at night he does such a great job in his crib and DockATot and HALO SleepSack which makes him feel extra secure. In the morning I love going into his room to find him with the biggest smile on his face babbling away! He is one talkative guy and blows bubbles at us already! I keep saying he's a genius but I might just think so because he is mine. 

Each day we do all sorts of things together. We read books, go for walks, and play with his toys and Brady. I know each of these things will help his development and I am always looking for new activities to do with him. I take him out wherever I go and it is great to get out of the house! We still have some sleepless nights but are days are full of love and laughter. My husband and I are the luckiest to have Cameron in our life! I can't wait to continue to write these posts to look back on and see how much he has changed!

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XO, Michelle

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