First Mother's Day + New Blog Schedule

Yesterday was my first Mother's Day. To say I have been blessed this year is an understatement. I am the luckiest momma in the world to have the sweetest little boy that I have been able to watch grow and change every single day! I have a great job that has allowed me to stay home with him for his first few months and I couldn't be more thankful. My husband, Mark and I got to spend the day with Cameron and went to my mom's for brunch. It was great, we had three generations of mother's there! I am so lucky to have both my mother and grandmothers in my life as great role models!

Over the past two months I have taken quite a break from blogging and have been wanting to revamp my blog and get on a better schedule. Let's just say it has been my blog maternity leave but I have been missing my creative outlet and have been wanting to get back to it! It has been tough because as you all know newborns don't have schedules! As I type this out, Cam is trying to wake himself up while I am trying to get him to take a nap! I have decided that I will dedicate each day of the week to a specific type of post. See below so you can check in!

Monday - Weekly Reflection - A shorter post to reflect on the past week. This post could include some inspiring words or just something I have been thankful for the past week!

Tuesday - Fashion Post - Your regularly scheduled fashion post! I can't wait to get back to these!

Wednesday - Beauty Post - I am lucky enough to try tons of beauty products. Wednesday will be dedicated to beauty!

Thursday - Fashion Post - Of course I have to have a second fashion post for the week. My favorite subject.

Friday - Friday Five - Five things I have loved over the past week. It could be a recipe, a new clothing item, or a baby tip!

Stay tuned for a newly improved!

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