5 Things I've Learned as a New Mom

Loving Cameron at first sight was the easy part. Being able to feel awake and still get things done has been the hardest part. From feeding the little guy all the time to help him grow to playing with him to help his development, being a mom is a full time job! Staying home all the time is tough so I try to get out as often as possible. Our favorite accessory to take out with us is our Chicco NaturalFit Newborn Bottles. They make lunch dates with dadda and heading out for the day so much easier! Keep reading to see the 5 things I have learned as a new mom!

1. Accept the help - Accepting help has always been a challenge for me. I am a very hands on person and sometimes feel as though I need to do everything myself. This can be very frustrating for my husband because he wants to help. You will also have family offering to cook and clean for you and you will have no time or energy to do any of it. Giving up control over these things will be tough but do it! It will save your sanity.

2. Get as much rest as possible - This is one of the biggest tips I received. From friends telling me to sleep to nurses in the hospital telling me to nap when the baby naps just sleep! Right now I am just trying to sleep in a little later than I am use to. I have a hard time napping during the day and I still need to feel as though I am being productive. While Cameron naps I will throw some laundry in the washing machine or I will catch up on emails but sometimes I find myself on my third cup of coffee before 10am! He has been taking longer naps which has been a great help to do things around the house and I promise it all gets better!

3. Escape the house (even if it is just to go grocery shopping) - Some days I find myself on the couch in my husbands sweatshirt and hair in a bun because I have been taking care of Cameron all day long.   When Mark gets home I sometimes try to escape. I will go workout for an hour or I will just go to the store. Getting out of the house to workout has been my biggest sanity saver. It makes me feel human again and I know I am strengthening my body to become a strong mom for Cameron!

4. Take Photos - Mark and I have been taking TONS of photos. Either on our phones or with my camera we have been capturing every moment. We have multiple photo albums started with the help of my favorite app Free Prints. I love this app because you can print 85 free photos each month with just the cost of shipping! I hope this is something we continue to do because we will have so many memories to share with Cameron as he grows older.

5. Live in the moment - This one was hard for me at first especially with blogging. My husband and I are constantly attached to our phones and I have learned that it is okay to walk away from my phone for a few hours at a time. Your friends will understand if you don't respond to a text immediately and you can miss a few phone calls before calling back!

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