Red Flats

To be quite honest, my blog has taken a back seat the past few weeks for probably the best reason you could ever imagine. As you read in my last post we had our son and actually it was a little bit early. We couldn't be happier he is here and he has been such a joy. I have been wanting to spend more time on my blog over the past few weeks but being a mother has certainly come first. Today is the first time I have posted in about a week and I am hoping to start making a better habit out of it. I have a ton of posts ready to go with my bump still in the photos and can't wait to shoot a ton of new spring styles! Now let's get to this casual spring outfit!

At the end of my pregnancy, flats and these jeans were my savior. In fact for two weeks after Cameron made his way into the world I was still wearing these jeans a ton. I have now graduated into my non-maternity skinny jeans and have been so happy to be able to wear all of my clothes I enjoyed before pregnancy. These jeans are from Lilac Clothing and are a little bit oversized on me. I wore them a few times a week and couldn't be happier with the comfort and great feel of the denim. 
It is funny because this outfit is made up of my top three favorite maternity brands Seraphine, Leota, and Lilac Clothing! These adorable red flats were also something I wore a ton. They have cushions in the sole which is something that made the end of my pregnancy so much easier on my feet! See more of these flats here
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