One Month

Everyone always says "time flies" and I truly did not realize it until we had Cameron. Each week I would think to myself, wow Cameron is a week old, two weeks old... now he is one month old! I can't even believe it. The little guy, my husband and I always imagined bringing into the world, has brought us so much joy already. Cameron has changed and grown so much in this one short month. He now realizes and see things more. It was just the other day I was changing him and I realized wow he really sees me, his momma! I am so lucky to be his momma and the little looks he gives me are just the sweetest thing I have ever seen!

  Cameron has taught me to slow down, get off my phone, and enjoy every single moment!

The sleepless nights, dirty diapers, and sweet little cries are nothing compared to the love I have for him and the love I have for my husband. We brought this amazing little guy into the world and can't wait to see him grow and change every single day!

XO, Michelle

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