Little Red Shirt Dress

It is a new week and I couldn't be more excited to get some new content and ideas put together of you all! I have been stock piling ideas and photos for when the baby arrives so that I am prepared and will have tons to continue to share! Over the weekend I met with my friend and fellow blogger Jen to take some photos and today I have an exciting day ahead of me! Not only are we starting our kitchen remodel but I am also meeting with my photographer, Sasha, to take some photos for a great brand! To be honest, it has been hard to keep up on a lot of things but now I feel very motivated and excited about all that is to come!

For today's post, I am sharing an adorable little dress that I have been wearing a ton to take me out of my pregnancy! I am actually due to have our son very soon and we are so excited! This dress from Seraphine Maternity has provided me tons of comfort while I was finishing up working. I paired it with a few other adorable Seraphine Maternity pieces such as this Grey Adjustable Leather Maternity Belt &  Seraphine Black Flats. The belt is great because I know I can adjust it and continue to wear it after I am not pregnant anymore and these Seraphine Black Flats are amazing! They have cushions in the sole of the shoe which has given me great comfort these last few weeks. Pregnancy is so hard on your body so why not wear a pair of shoes that you can be comfortable in all day long!
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