Floral Shift Dress x Final Bumpdate

Hi everyone! It has been a little over a week since my last post and that is because we welcomed our beautiful son to the world two Friday's ago on St. Patrick's Day! It is sort of strange looking back at these photos as they were taken days before Cameron Andrew Quinn was brought into the world! He has been such a blessing and I wanted to fill you all in on the final weeks of my pregnancy as well as share this amazing Lilac Clothing Floral Shift Dress that works while before, during, and after pregnancy!

As our due date neared, we found out that we had to plan on delivering early due to Cameron occasionally having an elevated heart rate. This was scary for Mark and I to find out but we were assured that it was not something that would harm him in the future and that once he was delivered his heart rate would go back to normal. I was scheduled for an induction shortly after and my doctor wrote me off from work. In the beginning of my pregnancy I had every intention to work up until my due date but as I soon found out your plans never work out the way you expect. Although I was extremely nervous to be induced as I heard that labor can be so much harder when induced, I was happy to be able to be walked through everything from start to finish. We went into the hospital Thursday night at 6pm and delivered the most handsome healthy boy Friday night at 9:29pm. It was the best day of my life!
Being pregnant wasn't always easy for me. Towards the end of my pregnancy I didn't want to have anything to do with wearing any sort of clothes that weren't pajamas or sweat pants. Certain fabrics made my skin itch so badly and pants (even maternity pants) were not my friend. Luckily, I found that one of my favorite maternity brands had clothes that were designed to be worn even after your pregnancy. Since it was the end of my pregnancy I was so excited to pick up a few spring styles! What is even better is that I styled each of the pieces while I was still pregnant and will show you how I wear them now that I am not pregnant any longer! Stay tuned for this dress making it's reappearance in a few weeks! 

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