Ballet Flats

Ballet flats have always been a personal preference when it comes to shoes for me. I often opt for comfort and with my height I sometimes enjoy being more of an average size. Sometimes though with flat shoes you have to sacrifice style. When I recently received a few pairs of Seraphine Maternity's ballet flats to try I was so excited! I spent some time researching them before receiving them and was so excited to read that they had built in support as well as provided all day comfort! This was just what I was looking for in some shoes for the last few weeks of my pregnancy!

These flats are designed to improve posture, increase circulation, and relieve aches and pains which I have been feeling a ton of. I still go for a bootie with a heel every now and then but I think these will be my new go-to shoes these last few weeks and even extending beyond my pregnancy. Although my job is at a desk, it still is nice to get up and walk around every once in a while and these offer the support I need to keep moving!
I have some great styling tips coming up with all of the gorgeous pairs of flats so stay tuned!

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