Prepping for Baby with Babyganics

I know when I get something new to wear the last thing I want to do is wash it first. I usually can't wait a single second to put it on and already have an outfit completely planned around my new item. When it comes to baby, I have received and purchased so many adorable items for him to wear already but have been doing some research on whether or not I should wash everything before he wears them. After doing quite a bit of reading I decided that the best thing to do was to wash everything first. Your baby's skin is so sensitive that it can be easily irritated. 

There are so many baby products on the market today that it can be hard to decide what to use. From cribs, to strollers, and even detergents and diapers, you can find reviews on the internet on anything. I wanted to give Babyganics a try since I am interested in using products that will be safe for the baby since he will be touching so many different things as he grows and explores! It is necessary to wash all items that will come in contact with your baby's skin however it is not necessary to do everything before he or she is born. I still have a few more weeks until our son's arrival and have decided that I will start to wash his blankets and clothes slowly so his skin does not become irritated!

Babyganics cleaning products have everything you need to clean in an all natural way without having to sacrifice quality. I have been very happy with the detergent and dryer sheets so far and can't wait to use the Babyganics Bubblebath when he arrives! Shop some of my favorite Babyganics products below!

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