In case you missed it, I shared this amazing little necklace I received from Brook & York on my Instagram Story last weekend. I couldn't wait to share it with you guys because it is just too adorable not to share! I never really loved gold jewelry until recently. I was afraid that it clashed too much with my skin tone but finally after years I have really grown to love it. This necklace in particular has quickly become my favorite necklace for the simple reason that it has my son's name on it!

It took me a while to announce his name because I was afraid to share too much. I am a very open person and have always been especially with a blog I share a lot into my personal life. I wanted to hold his name close for as long as I could! When I received this necklace from Brook & York I thought it would be the perfect time to share his name. I love dainty gold jewelry and this one was so perfect to add to my collection. Brook & York has a ton of other necklaces that can be personalized. One of my other favorites is this Halsey Cut Out Two Initial Necklace. I think I may also end up purchasing this one as well! There are so many other adorable options such as Customizable Rings and bracelets. Some things I love about Brook & York are they always have free shipping, all products are made in the US, and they have free personalization! You can shop these for 10% off with my promocode 'BYQUINN10'. 

My Floral Bohemian Dress can also be found on my Poshmark which I have recently become re-obsessed with! I often sell items that I have shared on my blog as well as brand new items at a great discount! Shop it here!

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