5 Tips for Dressing Your Bump

To be quite honest, the last thing on my mind during this pregnancy has been fashion. I have been living in my leggings and trying to get as much done as possible around our home before our son arrives. As my belly has grown, it has been hard to keep up with the things I am use to doing at a speedy pace and it takes me a little bit longer then I usually expect to get something done. An hour of cleaning the house results in me not being able to walk for the rest of the evening and walking up and down two flights of stairs to do some laundry has been challenging! Since I am nearing the end of my pregnancy, I wanted to give you five tips for dressing your bump as well as some of the great maternity brands I have encountered along the way! Keep reading to see more!

1. Dress for comfort - Dressing for comfort was one of the hardest things for me at first. Of course I still wanted to wear my cute heeled boots and shoes but this proved to become challenging for me as the days went on. I noticed that when I wore heels I felt a great amount of pressure in my abdomen that ended up feeling sore by the end of the day. Also, swelling can occur in your ankles and feet and heels are not the best choice when that does happen. I quickly transitioned over to my flats and will occasionally wear my heeled boots but not very often. I also found that leggings can go with anything! I often wear them with long sweaters and tops to work. Since I sit at a desk most of the day wearing something to be comfortable in is essential for me!

2. Splurge on a few items - Being pregnant shouldn't mean that your wardrobe has to suffer. It can definitely be challenging to find cute clothing throughout your pregnancy and one thing I have found is that if you really love it you should splurge! Trust me it will be worth it to have a few items during your pregnancy that are a little more luxe then normal. You still want to feel fabulous while your body is changing and getting yourself something nice is always great. I splurged on a few dresses when we had special events such as my husbands birthday. It was nice to get dressed up and feel a little bit fancy. I also spent a little extra money on some denim as I love a great pair of jeans. I know this won't be our only baby so having items that will last a long time was important to me!

3. Make your active wear last - If you plan on working out during your pregnancy (which I have) try to make your active wear last as long as possible. I have found some great brands that carry high-waist leggings that are not extremely expensive and also are great quality. My favorite brand has been Zella. I wore Zella before pregnancy and have continued to wear them throughout. They don't roll down during Pure Barre and I feel comfortable in them! I have purchased one pair of maternity workout leggings from Electric Yoga which were only $36! I may purchase another pair or two because I plan on working out for at least a few more weeks!

4. Stick with what you already like - If you already live in leggings, continue to live in leggings! If you love dresses get yourself some flowy or stretchy dresses you can grow into. If you have a masculine style continue to dress that way. I love seeing all pregnant momma's styles and also looking at inspiration on Pinterest! I think my style has stayed the same because I love feminine dresses and have still been wearing a ton of dresses!

5. Keep it simple - Unless you love prints try to find items that are basics that you can wear for a long time! I have been trying to build my wardrobe with staples I can wear during and after pregnancy. Find some great simple tops such as the items below. If you are okay with more flowy items purchase a few blouses that you will be comfortable in during your pregnancy and after as well!

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