New Week

Happy Monday everyone! It is a new week and I have been thinking about the 5 things that I do every week to keep on task with all of my to do list items. It seems with the baby on the way the to-do list is growing larger and larger and Mark is "nesting" just as much as I am. We are remodeling our kitchen in just a few weeks before the baby gets here (all his idea). Between my full-time job, getting ready for the baby, blogging, and keeping a household, things definitely fall behind but following my 5 tips below will definitely help to keep on top!

TIP 1: Download an app and make some lists. The most satisfying thing of accomplishing a task is checking it off of your to-do list. I am a constant list maker and I recently downloaded a great app to keep me on top of things called Checklist One. I am able to input everything I want to accomplish that day into the app and check it off as I go. I love how colorful it is and how easy it is to add new items. You can even set reminders.

TIP 2: Get a calendar and start using it! I have a million calendars and planners all around my desk at both home and work. AND I also am constantly using my calendar app in my phone. I like to write down appointments on a white board calendar for Mark and I to both be able to see them as well as put them into our shared calendar on our phones. I also use my planner on a daily basis to help keep track of when bills are due or what blog post I plan to write that day. I check it daily to remind myself of what is on my agenda for that day!

TIP 3: Come up with a reasonable cleaning schedule. Mark and I are both very busy, he works almost 12 hours a day as a business owner and I am constantly on the go. It is easy to get behind on our chores. I recently saw a post someone wrote that had tips and tricks to always have a clean house. This intrigued me because sometimes our house looks "lived-in" while others it is completely neat and tidy. I started to do three things each day of the week: wipe counter tops, sweep the floor, and wipe down the sinks. On the weekends I dust, vacuum, and sanitize the bathrooms. Once a month I will clean the microwave, cabinets, and a few other larger projects. This helps me to space out each of the tasks and not become too overwhelmed.

TIP 4: Set goals. For me, having goals both short term and long term have been insanely helpful. Whether they are work related, fitness related, or personal life related, I recommending making a few short term and long term goals for yourself right now and also writing them down! Say you want to make it to three workouts this week, write it down and check in at the end of the week. I do this multiple times per year and it has helped me tremendously!

TIP 5: Most importantly don't be too hard on yourself. If you are too hard on yourself you won't feel encouraged to make new goals and conquer a new week. I have had days recently that I am just far too exhausted to even accomplish anything! I always find that a new week brings new beginnings for me. It helps to start fresh!

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