26 & 27 Weeks

Happy Wednesday and happy 26 & 27 Weeks! Today I am catching you up on the past two weeks. The last few weeks were quite hectic with the holidays that I never had the chance to post! This year Christmas was extra exciting because we got to see all of our family and show off the bump! Everyone in our family was so excited to talk to us about names, due date, how I have been feeling, and nursery ideas! It is crazy to think that next Christmas we will have a 8 month old and in my side of the family three grand babies under the age of three! Keep reading to see more of my update!

During Week 26, we had a few appointments. I had my checkin with my doctor, glucose test, and also a 3D/4D ultrasound! My checkin with my doctor went great, I talked to her about a few of the symptoms I have been having such as a sore back and also the crazy amount of movement I have been feeling. We listened to the babies heart beat and also measured my belly. She said everything was looking great but she recommended I tried to maintain my weight. In the beginning of my pregnancy I stayed very small and didn't gain much more then a pound or two. Over the past 27 weeks in total I have gained about 20. A person with a normal BMI should only gain 25-35lbs during their pregnancy. She recommended this as well so I enjoyed the holidays in moderation. I also have continued to work out on a daily basis at Pure Barre as well as walking on my treadmill or with my dog Brady!

I also had my glucose test where you are tested for gestational diabetes. I took the one hour test because it was my first time. The orange drink was not as bad as I was expecting it to be. It reminded me of a very sweet gatorade. I don't love sweets so it was hard to stomach but I took it down like a champ! A normal glucose test comes back at less than 135 mg/dL and mine came back at 95 so I was normal. I was happy about that after the treats I had over the holiday.

The other appointment we had was our 3D/4D ultrasound. It was so amazing to see his actual face and see him moving around! He kept putting his hand into his mouth which was absolutely adorable but sometimes hard to see what he looked like. I had a friend tell me to eat some sour patch kids and drink water before the ultrasound and I did just that which made him move a ton and he moved away from the ultrasound tech a lot. We did get some great images though!

Speaking of our nursery, Mark is hard at work prepping his room! We picked his room color which was different from what I had expected. Mark owns a Benjamin Moore paint store so we have the luxury of being able to pick all sorts of colors. Some of the colors we tossed around are below. But the one we went with is "Healing Aloe". It is funny because most of these colors are actually already in our home. Our room is "Gray Owl" and our office is "Revere Pewter". I can't wait for the room to be completed!

Another fun thing that I will soon have on here are more baby product reviews. As we get items for his nursery, I will be sharing more and more! Here are some of the items I plan on getting for his nursery below! I am also loving a few new brands one is Ice Cream Castles which is full of fun and whimsey for your little one! I can't wait to share more!

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