NYE Host Gift Idea with Banfi Wines

Heading out to a friends for NYE this year and want to bring a gift? 

One of my favorite gifts to bring is a bottle of wine because you may be able to enjoy it with your friends but why not add something extra special to it to present it to them? Something that we all probably have in our homes are unused dish towels and they happen to make the perfect wrapping for something that is difficult to wrap, a wine bottle! Of course if you don't have an unused dish towel you can head out to the store to pick one up for less than $5! I purchased these ones at Home Goods along with the wine stopper, ribbon, and pom poms which add the perfect festive and sparkly touch! Although I won't be enjoying any wine this year, I will be gifting tons of wine to friends and family, a glass for everyone to enjoy! Watch the video below with Banfi Wines to see how I will be wrapping my host gift for NYE this year!

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