Midi Maternity Dress

Normally, I find that I life exists in dresses. I head out to work in a dress, on the weekends I throw on a dress when we go to dinner, and on a normal casual day I have a dress on. Even before I was pregnant dresses were always my jam. Now that I am pregnant, I can't seem to have enough dresses. With my expanding belly, dresses are the easiest thing to throw on quickly and feel comfortable all day long. One of my favorite maternity brands has quickly become NOM Maternity. If you are a momma to be or recently became a momma, I recommend checking out their styles as they are fashionable and functional and have great fabrics and styles!

When searching for new styles to add to my closet while my belly is growing, I have had a hard time finding things that I truly love. With the holiday right around the corner I have been looking for styles to wear to all sorts of parties and get togethers. In just the past few weeks we have had multiple birthday parties and we have multiple holiday parties coming up the next few weeks! It is always so much fun to be able to see all of our friends and family but sometimes if I am not prepared with an outfit I have a bit of anxiety since I can't just throw on some jeans. If you are like me and having nothing to wear stresses you out check out some of my favorite NOM styles below!

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