Floral + Emerald

Now that my little bump seems to have grown over night, I want nothing to do with anything that may feel tight around my belly. Hello dresses and leggings! One brand that I instantly fell in love with after becoming pregnant was Rosie Pope. I love the soft fabrics and stylish designs they have for mommas to be. I also love that they design clothing and accessories for your little ones too! Not only do their styles work for your body during your pregnancy but they also work after too. I know that I will be wearing the pieces I have from Rosie Pope for a good time after!

As someone who is constantly researching for anything and everything, Rosie Pope has also become a place I visit often for advice. I am someone who likes to be over prepared for anything and finding a site where I can research and enjoy what I am reading as been a plus for me. The Rosie Report has been my almost daily read for the past few weeks! I especially love this post on How to Throw a Baby Shower for Dads! I am planning a surprise shower for Mark with one of my best friends. I hope to share photos with you soon! Let's hope he doesn't read this! 
Since I work in an office, finding styles that are comfortable has been a plus for me. I currently sit at my desk for long periods of time and often get extremely chilly. This Rosie Pope Bella Jacket and Tamra Dress quickly became a part of my almost weekly rotation for work clothing! I love the oversized style of the jacket and often wear it with leggings and a long tunic top. It is funny because my mom actually told me I can hand down this dress and jacket to her when I am no longer pregnant! Not sure if that will happen because I just love it so much!
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