24 Weeks

Week 24 has come and gone and I have been feeling more and more pregnant looking as each day passes! It is nice to finally feel like I look pregnant instead of just that I ate too much pasta the night before. I even had someone ask me at Pure Barre last night how far along I was without knowing I was pregnant! It was a sweet moment to realize that other people are realizing we are pregnant now too! 

This week I don't have a ton to report on except for the fact that I can't stop buying baby clothes! I have become obsessed with all things baby boy and had to make a trip to the mall for some Christmas items. Of course I had to stop at Gap only to find out everything was 45% off! Here are some of the adorable items I found! By the time baby gets here it will be in the March/April time frame. He will still be in warm fleece clothing because it will still be cold here in Western MA so finding these deals was a great treat. I know I will be having to go back for more. The worst part is there is a Gap close to my office! I am going to have to hold back!

Another thing that I can't get enough of is my Pure Barre classes. I know I keep mentioning this but I feel so great since I have been taking classes at a studio. I have become completely hooked and often find myself sitting at my desk thinking about Pure Barre! I have also been purchasing a ton of workout leggings for myself. I have found that the high waist options have been the best for me because I am able to pull them over my bump even if they are not maternity. Here are some of the pairs I have been living in.

In other news, Mark and I have decided to have a 4D Ultrasound done next week! I can't wait to experience this as I have heard great things. Of course I checked with my doctor before scheduling my appointment and she recommended it. Most insurance does not cover this scan because it is considered a "vanity" scan and is not something that is necessarily needed. I will let you all know if mine does the next time I check in. Although it may not be covered by insurance the appointments are affordable and if you chose to do one you can usually schedule one pretty quickly. I had read that the best time to do the scan is after 26 weeks and we about 27 weeks when we go! Also, until recently this scan was not done in Massachusetts. Luckily a 3D/4D place opened up in a neighboring town. It was perfect timing and this was where my doctor recommended we went. I can't wait to share more! 

As I also mentioned last week, I am having the glucose test done next week. Hoping for great test results and nothing to worry about!

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