23 Weeks

23 Weeks are finally here and I can finally say I have a bump! It seems as though it has grown overnight! Today I am so excited to check in with you all to reflect on the past week and let you know how things have been going. I have tried some new products over the past week, visited my doctor to check in on my bump, and have also been researching baby products like crazy! I made my Baby Quinnie Pinterest board public so that you can see what I have been pinning! Check it out here

As I mentioned above, I have recently been trying some new products. One product that I have sworn by since I found out I was expecting is The Honest Company Organic Belly Balm. I am trying to avoid stretch marks and so far I am doing great! No stretch marks to report! I have read that staying hydrated and keeping moisturized helps to keep your skin from developing stretch marks. Luckily I already drank a ton of water so that wasn't something that I needed to get use to. I have just continued to drink water as I had before! 

I have also tried the Palmers Skin Therapy Oil and Palmer's Cocoa Butter Formula Massage Lotion but I just didn't love the scent. I decided to purchase The Honest Company Organic Belly Balm and give it a try during my first trimester. I have already gone through two jars and purchased my third! After reading a ton of reviews I also decided to purchase Burt's Bees Mama Bee Belly Butter and can't wait to receive it to give it a try! I usually apply my belly balm right after I get out of the shower and before bed. My skin had started to become extremely itchy as my belly started to grow! I found that the only thing that seems to help is The Honest Company Belly Balm. Shop these lotions, oils, and balms below.

I also mentioned that we had a check-in with our doctor. I always love to go to the doctor because I get to hear the little guys heartbeat! It was a great visit, I had a few questions about tests coming up at our next visit and my mom came to meet our doctor. Our next appointment will include the glucose screening which tests for gestational diabetes. If you are curious about what the glucose screening is, as  I was, read more about it here.

Now that baby is getting bigger, I have noticed a few changes. I am not sleeping as well as I had been so I decided to purchase a pregnancy pillow. Honestly it is the most comfortable thing ever but it is sort of like sleeping with a snake! I snuggle up in my bed with so many blankets that if I need to shift positions I end up getting tangled up in blanket and pillows. Brady even thinks that it is a new bed for him! I highly recommend the pillow below if you are expecting!

One last thing I have been doing over the past week is researching baby products! This is fun for me because I love research and I love shopping! A few things that I have done to make sure I am adding the best things to my registry are talking to other moms that are my friends and reading reviews on websites. Honestly the best reviews I have received are the ones from my friends! I even had a new mom review my registry and tell me what she thought was the most helpful when she had her son and what she recommended I removed from my registry. Some of the most helpful items are below!

I have continued to do Pure Barre which has really kept my energy up! I have even been motivated enough to go to the 6AM classes! I am completely hooked and the instructors at my local studio are great! I have gone to 10 classes since they have opened and have already seen some changes in my body. I feel stronger and more flexible and have slowed my pregnancy weight gain that seemed to be taking off a little too quickly (okay, maybe it was just Thanksgiving). I plan on continuing to attend classes as long as I possibly can and jumping back into classes as soon as I am able to after our baby arrives!

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