Now that all of the most important people in my life know about our sweet babe on the way I can't wait to start sharing all sorts of fabulous maternity wear! Over the past few months, I have had ups and downs on the way I have been feeling. Spurts of energy and times when I just feel like I can't get out of bed. What I have found helps me feel the best is when I have something on that I truly feel comfortable and confident in. One brand that I have been loving is Noppies which is available to shop at Nordstrom

One thing I never shy away from even after Labor Day is white. I love the crisp look of whites and greys together as the weather gets cooler and this cable knit sweater has been one of my go-tos as my belly has been growing. My favorite jeans that I have been wearing non stop are these Over Bump White Jeans! I think I am going to pick up another pair of over bump jeans soon too as my belly is starting to get too big to fit in my regular jeans!
One thing I am going to start sharing weekly are updates on my pregnancy. I will be sharing how I have been feeling, anything I learned, and any new brands I have found and swear by! There are already a few that have been my life savers over the past few months! Stay tuned for more!
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