22 Weeks

Hi Everyone! Today's post is something that I have been so excited to do ever since we found out we were expecting. Today' post may be long because it is my first post (of many) of updates on my pregnancy so far on what I have learned, brands that I am loving, and what we are doing to get ready for our sweet babe! I am also so excited to share with you my favorite prenatal vitamins that I have been swearing by. Vitafol Gummies have been my go to to get my baby body ready for the Spring! To try to keep it short, I am going to touch on 10 topics today to catch you up on the last 22 weeks! Keep reading to see more!

1. First things first, I have finally started to show! It seems like it took so long and I was waiting and waiting for my bump to make it's arrival. To be honest, it sort of looked like I had just ate too much pasta for a few weeks and now I finally have a sweet bump and am so excited to start showing it off! Since my bump has started showing, I have found that I prefer to wear tight fitting clothing rather then something loose. I prefer my tighter clothing because I feel like I have a little bit of extra support with the snugness and I have been waiting so long to show it off that I finally can!

2. Vitamins have always been very important to me. Health and nutrition have always played a major role in my life. As soon as I found out we were expecting I went out and purchased some gummie prenatal vitamins to add to my current routine. Everyone thinks about getting their body ready for the summer and one way I have been thinking about vitamins is that I am getting ready for our baby. Vitafol Gummies were prescribed to me by my doctor and I have been taking them ever since. My mother even asked me if I was taking my vitamins as soon as we found out we were expecting because health and nutrition is just as important to her as it is to me! Prenatal vitamins are not only good for when you are already pregnant but also good for if you are planning on becoming pregnant soon or even after the baby has arrived. I even occasional took them before our wedding to grow my hair long and strong! The Vitafol Gummies contain iron which is different from many other gummie vitamins. They are also gluten and lactose free which is great for moms with allergies!

3. We are expecting a baby boy! It is funny because we actually found out we were expecting a boy when we were 13 weeks pregnant! We went in for our 13 week ultrasound and were asked if we wanted to know. We of course had discussed this and agreed that we both wanted to know so that we can plan ahead. We both were so happy to find out we were expecting a boy because we both love sports and I have heard that little boys just love their mothers. We can't wait to meet him!

4. Staying fit has been very important to me. Before we found out we were pregnant, I was working out daily and hardly missed a workout. About 10 weeks into my pregnancy, I was straight up exhausted, working out was not an option when I could barely stay awake during my meetings at work. Right at about 13-14 weeks I finally was feeling well enough to workout again! I started to walk Brady nightly and run shorted distances. I also started to do Pure Barre again and was so excited because this past weekend a new studio opened up in my town! I have been going almost every day because Pure Barre is amazing for pregnant women. If you are planning on getting pregnant I recommend checking out a Pure Barre class either online or in a studio. It not only helps to strengthen muscles that will need to be strong for your labor but it also helps to keep you in shape as well as snap back to your pre-baby body after baby comes quicker! I will be doing another post on Pure Barre and pregnancy soon! I have also been living in leggings and workout clothes, shop some of my favorites below!

5. Morning sickness and food aversion has not been a huge problem. Occasionally I have a really bad day and am crippled throughout the entire day but as time goes on it has gotten better. At first I couldn't stand two things, coffee and chicken. I still have a really hard time with chicken but I can now enjoy my coffee again which was huge for me because I LOVE coffee. I try to drink a ton of water every day especially when I am planning on working out. I don't really have a goal on how much water I drink but I just keep going throughout the day.

6. Maternity clothing was something I was so excited to start wearing because I really wanted to show off the sweet little bump of mine however I have still been able to wear most of my normal clothes and still feel comfortable! This I guess I should feel like lucky about but I immediately started to purchase some new items that I could grow into! There are so many amazing brands that I can't wait to share from you but some of my favorite places to shop are Old Navy and Target for more affordable options and NoppiesSeraphine, and Rosie Pope for something a little more special! Rosie Pope also has some amazing outfit and accessories for your baby too! Shop some items on my wish lists below!

7. We have been looking at all sorts of nursery inspiration and I have created a Pinterest board that I have made public for you to check out if you are interested! Luckily, my amazing husband owns a Benjamin Moore paint store and he loves picking out paint colors and is so patient with me as I change my mind a million times. I have an idea of what we are going to do and we just picked out a paint color yesterday! I can't wait to share more as we get working on the nursery!

8. One thing I have been doing tons of research on is dogs and babies. As many of you know we have  an extremely sweet dog that we think of as our first born child and part human. Not only is he sweet but he also requires a ton of attention from Mark and I. When we are relaxing he has to be right at our side or being pet or loved by us. We are a little nervous on how things will work out but I see him being very protective. He has already become more protective then every over me and my belly and I have noticed that he will lay his little head or body across my belly. Sometimes he will sit with me for hours straight before wanting to get up. I know he knows something is different and it is amazing to me that he can tell!

9. Doctors appointments have been so exciting for us. We absolutely love our doctor and couldn't have been luckier to have her! She is young and very relate-able. She also has a 4 year old herself so it is so much fun to be able to talk to her about kids. My favorite part of going once a month is being able to hear our babies heartbeat. It is so crazy to me how strong it is already!

10. I can't wait to continue to share with you all on our journey! Keep checking back every Tuesday to see how we are doing!

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