Weekend Plaid

Around my home, weekends are for catching up on relaxing, throwing on our favorite comfy clothes, and spending some extra time with our friends and family. Although my past weekend was pretty uneventful (I can't complain) Mark and I spent some time cooking some soup for the week and watching football. We also indulged in a few fires in our fireplace. I love fall for the simple fact that we get to use our fireplace again and cuddle up on the couch with some chili or chicken noodle soup. It seems like every weekend I am planning on making a new soup or chili recipe which usually lasts us throughout the week!

Another thing I always look forward to in the fall is picking up a few new plaid button down tops. I love the comfortable feel of an over-sized top that can be worn with pretty much anything. My favorite way to style my plaid tops are with jeans of course but I also love them with my slacks for work or a skirt! Shop a few of my favorites below, I currently have this one in my shopping bag!

Another thing I have fallen in love with this fall are high-waisted jeans. I love being able to slightly tuck my top into them and show off an elongated figure. I recently purchased the pair I am wearing here from Nordstrom which were less than $100! Here are a few others that I have my eyes on.

These booties have been a go-to for me for a few years now! I purchased them at Old Navy quite a few years ago and they have lasted so long! I noticed that around Christmas every year they come out with them in a few different colors so keep your eyes peeled! For now I have found a pair that are almost identical here. They have the adorable perforated marks in them.
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