Bride's Squad

Finding a group of girls that you can cherish for a lifetime can be hard to come by but I can honestly say I have found some amazing friends that will always be by my side. Each one is different in their own way but has been a solid rock in my life for many, many years. A few weeks ago right before our wedding, the girls and I headed to Cape Cod to celebrate my bachelorette party! To kick off the weekend, I gave each of the girls one of these amazing Bridal Party Tees Tanks. They were the perfect color and matched the girls bridesmaids dresses!

Over the weekend we shared so many laughs, ate a ton of great food, and spent some time lounging on the beach. Saw some beautiful sunsets and sunrises from the house we stayed in and stayed up late chatting about anything and everything! One thing I love about my friends is that they always know how to have a good time. One would be including this photoshoot we had on the beach! Last night I posted a few out takes from it that were hysterical on my Snapchat. Find me @michellemlaport if you are looking for a good laugh! 
These girls stood by my side on the most beautiful day of my life and I know they will stand by my side for the rest of my life! Thanks girls for sharing in all of the great memories we have had the past few months. I hope we can create many more!

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