Peach OTS + Things I Am Excited About

So it is mid-July, hot and humid, and I am wearing denim... Typically you would only catch me in dresses and rompers at this point in the summer however, I recently received some items from Wild Blue Denim x Sadie Robertson and have not been able to get enough of the pieces! I also received a pair of shorts and top that I have been wearing non-stop! The denim is so incredibly soft to the touch and wearable! The best part is they are only $29.99! Who likes scratchy denim anyways?

All summer long you have caught me in all sorts of off-the-shoulder styles. This peach one was one that I knew I had to purchase as soon as I saw the gorgeous color and style. It is slightly cropped in the front with a longer length in the back. It is perfect for sunny summer days!
Now to get to the things I am excited about.. I am at the last of what we can call my "summer vacation" and heading back to work next week! To be honest, I am so excited to head back to work! I have been enjoying my summer with trips to the beach, walks with my pup Brady, and catching up on wedding planning.
Speaking of wedding planning, we are just about a month away from the big day! Over these past few months, I have been able to get down to business and complete my check lists! We are so excited for our "happily ever after" and to spend the day with all of our amazing friends and family. For all of you brides to be.. what was your favorite part of wedding planning?
Since I am heading out on my bachelorette party in a few weeks at the beach, I picked up this amazing straw tote and hat. I know they will get tons of use out of them for the rest of the summer!

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