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Life has become increasingly more and more hectic these past few weeks. With wedding planning coming down to the last few weeks, a new job, and both my mom and brother moving, I just can't seem to find any spare time! So instead of focusing on just fashion today (we all know I love fashion), I wanted to share a few tips that I follow to stay motivated!

Sometimes it can be hard to find time for yourself. When I started my blog, the number one reason I wanted to do it was for myself. I used it as a creative outlet for my rather mundane job and thought of the time that I spent sitting down at my computer as "me time". Since I am so crazy busy right now, I don't have much me time and am struggling to find balance.
Here are my three tips that I use to stay motivated.

1. Make Lists - I am constantly making lists for everything. Whether it is my grocery list, my to do list, or goals, I have a list for everything. I write them down with a pen and paper or just make a quick one in my iPhone if I know I need to accomplish a few things. There are tons of great apps you can download to make lists. My favorite is AnyList where you can make multiple lists and check off each item as you go, which is so satisfying! 

2. Prep for your day ahead of time - This tip I have found is the most helpful. Whether you prep your food for the week, plan your outfits for work every day the night before, or make a list of all of your tasks for the day, planning ahead of time always helps me tremendously. Prepping for your day ahead of time saves TIME, which is so valuable when you are busy!
3. Try to find some "me time" - Although you may think you are too busy to take a few minutes to squeeze in a workout or read your favorite book, I think it is extremely important to take a few minutes each day to find some time to do something for yourself. How can you stay motivated if you don't give yourself a mental break? I love squeezing in a walk with my pup Brady around the block or a workout. Again, there are some great apps you can download to stay motivated. Don't have time to hit the gym? Check out Sweat with Kayla. I recently downloaded the app and have never been more motivated to stay on track with my workouts!
Shop this amazing romper below and let me know how you liked this post! I want to know how you stay motivated!

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