Stripes & Florals

Another, gorgeous sunshine filled day has blessed us here in New England. In fact I am currently sitting outside on my patio in this exact outfit soaking up the sun with my cute pup Brady. We have been spending more and more time outside as the weather has become increasingly nicer. With this beautiful weather I have been scoping out new outfits that are perfect for warmer weather. At the top of my list is this adorable combination!

One thing I love about springtime fashion is the abundance of pastel hues that you can find. Pastels are one of my favorite color schemes to wear. I love wearing pastels because they are so bright and fresh. This particular combination is great for a night out with your man, going out with friends, or hanging out in your backyard on your patio (minus the shoes).
One thing I immediately loved about these shoes is how comfortable they are. I spent some time walking around the downtown area when we shot these photos and I was able to easily keep up! They also don't have a super high heel which helps on the walking factor. The color and tassel make them extra cute! These come in all sorts of colors as well, shop them here!
Again it was a super rainy day when we shot these photos but I didn't let that dull my shine. Although my hair began to frizz and I was starting to feel the chill, I knew I felt confidant and couldn't wait to share these photos with you all!

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