Contouring for the Clueless Girl

Contouring has always been something that has both intimidated me and fascinated me. I have always wanted to be able to achieve the perfect contoured look however it took me quite some time to find something that truly worked for me. After a friend began to ask me to do her makeup whenever she had an event I decided to start doing some experimenting in order to find something that worked. Keep reading to see my contouring routine!

I always start my makeup with a fresh, clean face. I then apply a primer. My favorite primer is the MAKE UP FOR EVER Mattifying Primer. This primer creates an extremely smooth surface to apply your makeup. It also leaves your skin with a matte look. Sometimes I will just apply this primer after my  moisturizer even if I am not going to wear makeup for the day. 

Next I apply my foundation. I use a combination of two MAKE UP FOR EVER Ultra HD Invisible Cover Foundations and my angled stippling brush and apply my foundation in small circles working it to the outer area of my face. I focus most of my foundation around my nose, forehead, and chin where I have the most redness. I also use an olive colored foundation with a small pump of a foundation that has a pinkish color. I use the pinkish color to help counteract some dark spots I have.

After I apply my foundation, I take my MAKE UP FOR EVER Ultra HD Concealer and dot that under my eyes as well as underneath my cheek bone where I will apply the contour. I found this helps to really accentuate the color and create an actual contour. I use to skip the step with the concealer underneath my cheekbone and found that by just adding the contour I did not receive the effect I wanted. You can also line the bridge of your nose with a small bit of concealer before moving on.
Next, I spend some time blending this in. After it is all blended, I move on to contouring. I take my angled contour brush and my e.l.f Studio Contouring Blush and Bronzing Powder and create a line above where I added the concealer and blend that in. I will also take some of the bronzing powder and sweep it across my forehead and along my jaw.
To finish this up, I will take my blush brush and add some blush to the apples of my cheeks. I always make sure to blend this in completely!
I often tell people right away, that I have eyebrow envy when I see someone who has a great set of brows. One of my favorite products to create flawless brows is the Don Gong Minn Eyebrow Maker from a Korean beauty company called Chosungah 22. It is perfect to shape and add a little bit of color to your brows. It is also extremely easy to use! To create a flawless finish on my brows I take my Cover FX Perfect Pencil. This pencil works together to clean up lines and make your overall look complete!
Last, but not least, I will apply my lipstick. Here I am using Revlon Ultra HD Matte in Obsession. This is such a great pink for the summer. To finish this off, I again take my Cover FX Perfect Pencil to line the outside of my lips and ensure that my color stays in place all day long!
I hope you enjoyed this post and comment below on which products you love to use to contour!

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