My Poshmark Closet

Happy Hump Day Friends! Today I wanted to share a post with you on something that I have been enjoying greatly for the past few months, Poshmark! As someone who shops A LOT, I love finding new ways to re-purpose my lightly worn clothes as well as find some great deals on designer items at discounted prices. Poshmark has been a great place for me to go to find deals on items as well as shop for new items. Keep reading to see what I currently have listed!

A lot of the time I purchase an item mainly because I am going to wear it for one occasion. This has actually been something I have been trying to get better at as I currently have two closets full of items that I have only worn once! As I have grown in my personal style and outgrown my space, I have realized that there are so many other people who can get good use out of my lightly worn clothing. On the other hand, I love shopping Poshmark for designer pieces at a fraction of the cost!

I have just listed a ton of items including the sweaters above, some great spring coats, and all of the looks below! Make sure to stop by and shop and I will shop your closet too!

And much more!

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