Leg Contouring with Hello Sexy Legs

Contouring is not something that comes easy to everyone. In fact, I actually have a hard time perfecting the contoured look on my face. When I go the chance to give Say Hello to Sexy Legs a try I was super excited to see how it would turn out. I am also quite intimidated by sunless tanning products and I was worried that this would just be another fail on my part. However, I was pleasantly surprised on the results! Keep reading to see what I thought and find me on Snapchat {michellemlaport} to see my experience!

As I mentioned above, I normally shy away from sunless tanning products as they often leave my skin streaky and odd looking. Naturally my skin is pretty tan but in the summer months when I bear my legs, I like to have a little bit of something extra on them to make them look shiny and moisturized.
When I smelled the first product, which is the Tinted Glow Gel, I had quite a bit of nostalgia. When I was in high school and college I worked in a tanning salon and it smelled just like the lotions the customers would use. Now that I no longer tan, I love finding new products to create that glow. The products are all numbered (1, 2, 3) which made it so easy to figure out what to use first. I started with the Tinted Glow Gel and rubbed it all over my legs just as the directions said. It took a few applications to have it evenly spread out and the right color on both of my legs. It is a tinted lotion which makes it so easy to apply. All I had to do was apply it like my normal lotion and let it dry before heading to the next step.
After my legs were dry, I applied the Illuminating Fluid. This is sort of the highlighting step. I loved the color of the fluid when I pumped it out. The directions say to apply it from your mid thigh to your calf. I went ahead and did so but it took some blending. This would also look great on the front of your legs as well. I chose to stick to the side for the time being but next time I will also do the front! 
The last step included the actual contouring. The Body Contour Stick is designed to add depth to your legs by defining muscle and enhancing your features. It is so simple to apply and sort of reminds me of the contour sticks I have for my face. I really liked the ease of the stick and that it was not messy to apply! The Tinted Glow Gel and Illuminating Fluid were slightly messy to apply. Just be sure to wash your hands well after you apply and you won't have mess on anything!
Overall, Say Hello to Sexy Legs has done leg contouring right. They have made it user friendly with the numbers and tutorials you can find on their Youtube Page as well as on Sephora. This is definitely a product that is great to use when you have a special event or if you just haven't had the time to go get a spray tan! Say Hello to Sexy Legs is exclusively sold at Sephora!

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*This post is in collaboration with Obviously Studio and Say Hello to Sexy Legs. All thoughts and comments are mine.

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