Not going to lie, this week I am becoming a bit of a food blogger and I don't hate it at all! Today I am blogging my favorite alcoholic beverage while later on this week you will find some delicious ice cream cookies! I wanted to share with you an app I recently downloaded that gives you major bonuses just for purchasing your favorite alcoholic beverage. It is called bevRAGE and can be easily downloaded from the App Store or Google Play!

The idea behind bevRAGE is simple. All you have to do is go to your local liquor store, out to eat, or to a bar (and who doesn't do that at least once a week). For every purchase you make, snap a photo of your receipt and submit it for cash back! Just since last Friday, I have made $10! Okay, so maybe we went out to eat more then we should have this weekend but who is there to judge!
Enjoy getting cash back on your favorite purchases!

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*This post is in collaboration with Obviously Studio and bevRage.

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