Embroidered Tunic Dress

Lately, I have been thinking a lot about how I define my style. Is it feminine, am I a jeans and t-shirt gal, do I like to wear bohemian styles? And to be quite honest, I couldn't pick one style I liked the most! Sometimes I think my style depends most on my mood. On a day to day basis I dress in business casual for work but on the weekends you can mostly find me in t-shirts and jeans. While in the summer and warmer months I love wearing dresses!

With the temperature rising and the sun coming out  more and more I have been so excited to start pulling out my dresses. I have also been wanting to add mostly dresses to my wardrobe. I find that in the warmer months dresses are the easiest to wear because they don't require much thought. You can put on a cute dress like this one from Gray Monroe and feel instantly put together. 
Lace up shoes, like these flats are the it shoe of the season. I have seen so many colors and styles and always have to stop myself from purchasing all of them! I plan on adding a fun color this summer like this hot pink pair and a great pair of lace up heels which also come in a flat sandal that you can pre-order now! I definitely have these on my wishlist!
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