Save Our Date

Since Mark & I got engaged last April, I couldn't wait to get all of our wedding planning started! Over the holidays I was able to take a nice break from wedding planning but after the New Year it seemed like everything started happening all at once! One of my best friends had the brilliant idea of sending out my "save the dates" just in time for Valentine's Day and that's exactly what I did! I thought to myself how romantic and fitting that would be! Since most of my "save the dates" have gone out I wanted to share!

Ever since I started using Minted I have been using it for all of my invitations, Christmas cards, and thank you cards. Minted has all sorts of stationary including Valentine's Day Cards and the sweetest little Classroom Valentine's. I love the quality of all of their stationary which is why I continuously go back for more! I also always use Minted because their shipping is fast and there are always a special you can use to get a discount. Right now you can get 15% off all wedding orders with promo code LOVE16!

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