Personalized Perfume

Ever since I was a young girl I can remember loving perfumes. I would sit at my grandmothers vanity and beg for a puff of her perfume from her perfumes. Since my obsession with perfumes started my mother would purchase me a new perfume for holidays always adding to my ever growing perfume collection. Since starting my collection it has grown tremendously. Purchasing perfumes can be really expensive. I recently found a monthly subscription service that allows you to receive personalized perfume every month for just $14.95! Keep reading to see what perfume I picked.

When you sign up for a Scentbird account, you are given a quick quiz to find out which perfume matches best with your personalized preferences. After I took the quiz I ended up with Chloe Eau De Parfum which is a wonderful floral fragrance and one I would definitely recommend. The bottle that you receive with the $14.95 subscription is a month worth's supply! I have been using this almost every day!
If you are interested in signing up you are in luck! With promocode MMP25 you are able to get your first perfume for 25% off! This is one subscription service I definitely recommend for a perfume lover like myself!
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