Pattern Mixing

The art of pattern can be quite challenging for most. I personally love the look of mixing patterns  but often struggle to find the right pieces to pair together without looking a bit crazy. today I am going to share my three tips for pattern mixing as I did in this lady like outfit!

My number one tip that I always try to follow is that one pattern should be much smaller then the other pattern. Here I paired this small dotted pattern with the larger floral pattern. This way you can draw the eye to the larger pattern without having the two patterns clash. Normally I will go for a smaller pattern for my top and the larger pattern for my bottom but it would work either way!
My second tip is to keep the two patterns similar colors. Usually if I am mixing patterns in one outfit, if there are multiple colors in one pattern, I will try to keep the second pattern the same color. Here my skirt has a navy floral and my polka dots are also navy. I do this because I still want there to be some sort of matching going on. Sometimes I will wear a plaid blanket scarf and try to pull one color. From that color I will match my second pattern.
My third tip is to find something neutral. Sometimes when you are matching patterns, too many patterns can be too much. Whenever I am mixing patterns I always add a neutral piece. Here I added my favorite nude pumps as the neutral piece. Sometimes I will do it with my handbag and sometimes I will do it in my shoes. Here I wanted to add my gorgeous Deux Lux clutch as another element. There is such a pretty weave detail that I didn't think it would distract from the many patterns going on already in the outfit!

How do you like to pattern mix? Add your tips below!

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