Borghese Fango Mud Mask

With an extra day to relax at home today, I decided to take some time and pamper myself with a mud mask. I had actually never used Borghese skincare products before so I was excited to receive this cute little gift in the mail! Keep reading to see what I thought about these little cuties!

During the winter I have a really tough time with my skin. It is constantly dry and irritated and I have a hard time stopping breakouts in their track. Since I had some extra time this morning, I decided to pamper myself and give myself a mud mask with the cute Borgehse Fango Collection. The mask that I decided to try was the Borghese Fango Ferma Firming Mud. The pods are absolutely adorable and have the same color mask in the inside as the top of the pod. Each of these masks have a different purpose. The one that I use is to tighten and firm your skin. It is adorable with it's light lavender color. and was so fun to apply. The pod can be used for your face or body and I only used about a quarter of it and am saving the remainder for when I shower later.
The firming mask felt great on my skin. With a slight tingling feeling I could feel it working! I can't wait to try the remainder of them in the next few weeks!

I searched online to see if I could purchase these mud pods rather then the full size but couldn't seem to find them anywhere! But don't worry, I think this product is definitely worth a full size and I will be purchasing the full size once I use these!

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