Activewear Details

Fitting a workout in everyday can be a struggle. As I have continued on with my career and started planning my wedding, it has become really tough to find time to workout. I enjoy fitting in a long run but we all know that isn't possible to do every day. One way I always stay motivated is by making sure I have some activewear I love and a workout I always enjoy. One of my favorite workout brands has always been MPG Sports. I love their stylish details and often wear the items I have from MPG Sports while I am out running errands or going out for coffee with my friends!

Lately, I have been running a ton but I have also been doing barre classes any chance I can get. Up until I graduated high school I was in ballet 5 days a week and really missed that. I started barre in the beginning of the year and am always motivated to do a class. If you don't have barre classes available at a nearby gym you can check out full classes for free for you to do at home on YouTube!
About two years ago I was working in a downtown office where I had to park about a quarter of a mile away from where I worked every day. I had to walk through the city and liked to go to the gym on my lunch breaks. I bought this Lululemon Backpack to be able to get to work quickly and not have to worry about carrying my tote bag while I was walking through the city. It worked out great to shove my gym clothes in and today I use it as my normal gym bag!
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