Leopard Cape

Winter always brings me new styles to embrace. One style that I always seem to embrace is the 'Winter White'. Even though I sometimes get a few 'you have got to be crazy' looks, I always go with it! What is so wrong with wearing white in the Winter anyways? Whenever I do wear white in the Winter, I usually stick with neutral colors such as beige and brown which is why I love the combination of this leopard cape with my white jeans!

Photography by Darcy.
Capes have also been a style that I have been embracing this Winter. I love the cozy look and feel of them. Plus I can sit at my freezing desk with practically a blanket draped over me! This is one cape that immediately caught my eye. I love the leopard pattern and it is actually also reversible with the inside being a darker brown and the leopard print being the lighter beige. 
This adorable cross body bag has also quickly become a favorite of mine. I love the perfectly placed bow and gold details. It also holds my huge wallet with is always a plus!

How do you feel about Winter White? Comment below!

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