Fringe Poncho

One color that I didn't think that I could pull off for the longest time was olive. I loved it on everyone else and always thought that it didn't look great on me. Over the past few years I have embraced many different styles and colors that I never really gave a chance. This year I really gave olive a second chance and am loving it, especially in this fringe sweater and bucket bag!

Photography by Darcy.
This fringe poncho can be styled so many different ways and is not only good for festivals but can be worn whenever! Its wide sleeves make it great for layering and staying warm and cozy during these chilly months. With the right styling it doesn't have to look too festival-ly and hippie-ish either. Here I stuck with a simple color palette of black and olive to add a chic touch.
Ponchos have quickly become a staple in my closet. If you clicked through my Instagram you will see how many ponchos I have acquired the past few months. From pretty plaids to bold color blocks I have certainly grown my collection!
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