Southern Shirt Weekend

Some of my favorite days are days that you pretty much don't get out of your pajamas but you still can look perfectly put together. Today I had one of those days. Every single weekend it seems like there are a million tasks to complete before Monday rolls around. Luckily this weekend is fairly quiet for me and I am able to lounge around my house and take my time doing my errands!

Photography by Darcy.
Although I have been lounging around my house since late Friday afternoon I still had a few tasks to accomplish. I put on my cozy Cotton Club Pullover and favorite black leggings and head out to the grocery store. The weather was actually fairly mild today so I didn't have to wear a coat. I love fall days like this when the air is crisp but you aren't freezing your butt off. My favorite winter boots to wear are these Ugg Adirondak II Boots. I actually switched out the laces with a pair of red laces I found on Amazon. They are perfect for snow and also when you just want your feet to feel a little cozy!
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