Minted Holiday Cards

Minted - Free expedited shipping with promo code SHIP or 15% off with promo code WINTER15

It's that time of year! We all send out our obligatory Holiday cards. Some have your family, some are a saying, and some are your pet. For the past two years that we have had Brady our Holiday card has always been a photo of him and although I begged and pleaded to have a family photo this year it just never happened. Of course having Brady as our card certainly will bring a smile to everyones faces!

This year I ordered my cards from Minted. I was so excited to see all of styles that they had and especially loved the foil pressed cards. After searching through all of the beautiful styles, I settled on this one with the foil-pressed gold. The options for all of the foil-pressed cards are gold, silver, and rose gold. I loved this one because the writing was in the perfect spot right over the grass and Brady's cute face was unobstructed.
Another option that Minted offers is pre-addressed envelopes which are free with your order for a limited time! You have a ton of options to choose from but I went with this adorable script writing. I also ordered 10 envelopes that were not addressed so I would have extra to address myself. I often remember a few people after I order my cards to send one off to.
We are only a few weeks from Christmas but don't worry because right now Minted is offering free expedited shipping with promo code SHIP. If you aren't in a hurry you can get 15% off with promo code WINTER15. I hope all of your holiday prep is going great! Stay tuned for more holiday themed posts this week and next!

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